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It’s been two years since we packed up our 5 bedroom house in Pittsburgh and came to California. Though I can’t really say I miss Pittsburgh as a city, I miss teaching oh-so-very much!

I’m currently brainstorming on how to offer my favorite courses and work without working for a specific school. It’s tricky, but I want to offer voice and movement in the evenings to those of us who used to have all of that and miss it. I’ve found that (whether I liked it in the moment or not) the basic breath and alignment work which was such a focus in my undergrad and grad training as an actor is something I go back to again and again.

I don’t really think it matters where you are in your trajectory when it comes to foundational principles like these. That has changed: I used to think it mattered that everyone was on the same “level.” - But then I realized that levels are a bullshit construct of the patriarchy and that the work and the planet both excel when we remove labels and bring our whole vulnerable selves to the work.


addressing the elephant in the room: everything is different

15 sept 2019

I’ll never forget the post-delivery exam after my son, where my midwife referred to my body as my “New Body.” Was I in some new alternate universe where “different” meant “shittier”?

In this workshop we will work with what is, accepting that it may be shittier, but it may just need new exercises, attention, and reinforcement. Tap into your body’s strength, and build commUNITY.


breathing life into text

09 oct 2019

I mean, maybe the answer to procedurals is to talk fast and that’s fine…But maybe sometimes you want to luxuriate in words and sounds and vibrations, too?

This is the workshop for you! Bring something right for you, wrong for you, new, old, long, short - and let’s explore it!

NOTE: this is not a performance-centric experience. We will play and grand-stand, move and breathe, but you will not be guaranteed individual coaching or targeted notes.


embracing authenticity

19 oct 2019

Not a day goes by that performers and creatives get a break from the constant directive to “make it yourself,” write your own material, etc.

But what is it to embrace your authenticity, when you’ve spent all of your time learning how to be a “Good Student”?

We will discuss breaking down gendered learnings, societal expectations that keep us trapped in scarcity mindset, and how to envision a future for yourself that isn’t bound to bookings.




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