frequently asked questions…

what is your name, FFS?

A fair question, I was named Kimberly Parker Green at birth and used my full name when I started working in theatre and joined Actor’s Equity Association. When I moved to LA and started going up at open mics, I used my married name, “Kim Griffin,” and here we are!

It’s confusing for now, but we’ll all get through it.

how much do you charge?

Honestly, it changes client by client. This is for a few (good) reasons, from what needs to be covered, how much work can be done independently, and how hard one works between sessions, to the time of day or need to travel. Just ask!

you are from oklahoma, why do you say you’re southern?

Come to any family function with my extended family - on either side, and tell me it’s not the South.

You can be messy, complicated and afraid:
show up anyway.
— glennon doyle melton