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I’m a performer. A teacher. A coach. A comic. I’m your #bitchybigsister and the ultimate nerd when it comes to skincare science, Shakespeare and song lyric recall.

Originally from Oklahoma, and having lived a lot of other places since, I'm into "Real Topeka People" and am a rabid authenticity enthusiast. I believe in biweekly gel manicures, enjoy my cheap SauvBlanc on ice like the classy broad that I am, and am currently super-lonely waiting for my beloved friends from fall tv shows to return.


  1. Yes, this is my real personality.

  2. I’m not as tall as I seem.

  3. I have two moles at the back of my head, near the top, which my former stylist referred to as “the twins.”

  4. I had a hysterectomy at 32 because I had horrible endometriosis, and now I’m freeeeeee.


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We’re currently cooking up a more functional, funny, friendly website that will allow me to serve my clients, share my own creations and collaborations, and stay in touch with my village all while taking over the world!!! Check back soon, but we appreciate your patience. (fwiw “We” in this instance is my friend Lily, who is a genius designer, not an imaginary friend.) 


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Janet Tscha
Head of On-Camera Talent
Arlene Thornton Agency: (818)760.6688

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