About kim

It’s easy to take topical facts about a person and organize them so that they tell a story. Firstborn, Southern, mom, wife, actor: these words all assemble in our minds to paint a picture. But most of us know that those words are only really a part of us, and I am no different.

Although I just celebrated my second anniversary living in LA, it feels like a home I was always meant to find. I love the color here, the light and the smell of life all year round.

I am an actor, improvisor, pediatric patient advocate, novice stand-up, would-be showrunner, former yogi, face cancer survivor, proud mother of two NICU Graduates, and one of America’s foremost receptacles of worthless knowledge.

When I’m not being smothered with loving demands from my kids, I enjoy consuming massive amounts of episodic television, and other various forms of media. Mmmm, content!

I’m available for teaching and coaching classes or workshops in a variety topics geared toward actors or corporate professionals in need of presentation assistance or dialect reduction. Hire me if you want results, and know that I will meet you every step of the way with compassion, personalized strategies and exercises designed to catapult you into your next chapter.

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Photo taken by the soulful and skilled Ericka Kruetz Copyright 2019

Photo taken by the soulful and skilled Ericka Kruetz Copyright 2019